Thursday, October 25, 2012

Caleb - 6 months!

Okay, so I'm a day behind...but I also missed posting pictures from the last few months so...I guess a day isn't going to matter much.

I can't believe our baby boy is half a year old! Where has the time gone? I look at older pictures of him and can't believe how big he is now...
First week home - our little stink bug
6 months! Such a big boy. He had his 6 month checkup (with four shots, OUCH!) and he weighs 17lb 11oz now. Olivia weighed about 18lbs when she was a year old...

Calebs Likes at 6 months:
-playing with Olivia
-reading (okay, eating) books
-baby foods!

Caleb's Dislikes at 6 months:
-being by himself
-riding too long in the car

...that's about it! he's a very happy, mellow baby.

What Caleb's Doing at 6 months:
-sitting by himself
-sleeping through the night (mostly. Finally!)

 We love you, Buddy Bear! You're growing too fast but we're so thankful to be a part of it.

Monday, October 8, 2012

It's beach time!

We decided to take an end of the year beach trip last weekend...Port Aransas is only about 4 hours away, so it was perfect! We spent all of Saturday on the beach. the weather was perfect! Sunny but not too hot, and the water was warm. We may make this an annual Columbus Day trip!

Caleb's first trip to the ocean!
Enjoying the sun!

Olivia on the boogie board

Sacked out on the beach...this is the life!

Beautiful morning view!
Daddy and Caleb floating in the water!

Caleb and Mommy, enjoying the waves.

On Sunday the weather turned cold, so we had to bundle up in blankets and go to the Texas State Aquarium instead of the beach...
One big, happy, (cold) family! :)

Olivia was the only one brave enough to touch the snake!
Olivia watching the dolphins swim by

It was a great trip, if quick (only 2 days). A nice way to end the summer and usher in the fall! :)