Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tri, tri, tri again!

A few weeks ago Levi participated in his first (and, according to him, LAST) triathalon! It was a "rookie" or a "sprint" level triathalon, consisting of an 800 meter swim in a lake, an 11.2 mile bike ride, and a 3.2 mile run. He has been training for the last few months, and did great, coming in at just under 2 hours! We are so proud of him!

The race started at 8am with a swim.

He's out there somewhere! They had to swim to the triangle buoy, then across to another buoy, then back.

I missed taking pictures of him coming out of the water and onto the bike...thought I'd missed him all together until he whistled at me while he ran by! But I do have pictures of him transitioning from biking to running...

Look at how happy he is! Crazy man. I know running is his favorite but he just swam and biked a lot...
(FYI, this is now the picture assigned to him on my phone. Makes me smile every time he calls)

About to cross the finish line!

And then we went home and all took a nap...the kids and I were exhausted by association. :P

I think he had fun. He says he's glad he did it -  can cross it of the proverbial "bucket list" - but doesn't plan to do it again! Says he prefers to keep his feet on the ground, meaning sticking to running. :) Olivia says she wants to race with him next time, so maybe we can find a family fun run... :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Caleb - 3 months!

My how time flies! I can't believe our baby boy is 3 months old already! He's growing so fast. Such a happy, mellow child. He's sleeping through the night already, which is awesome! He is doing much better at daycare - we found a bottle he likes so he's eating better, and he's doing lots of fun things every day! He has lots of fun doing tummy time...

Especially in front of the mirror:

Who is that handsome guy? That's my friend! :)

He is doing so well with head control now - even gets to sit in the Bumbo chair at times! 
(Yes, it is a purple Bumbo chair. It was Olivia's, like 90% of his least he has boy clothes! Look, there's a truck on his shirt!)

Caleb smiles all the time now, and is starting to "talk" more to us. He gets distracted by brightly colored things and still loves to watch the ceiling fans.

Caleb's Likes:
-talking to Daddy
-his lions
-playing in the baby gym
-sucking on Mommy's shoulder
-when Olivia reads to him

Caleb's Dislikes:
-being put down
-riding in the car!

We love you!