Thursday, June 30, 2011

NM Vacation 2011, Part 3: Roswell

The final leg of the NM vacation was in Roswell to visit Papa Joe and Grammy (Joe and Melba Jackson -  Levi's parents) and Levi's sister, Joanie Weber. It was a long drive from Cliff to Roswell, and once again, Olivia was a trooper.

Also, once again, Levi and Charity had to stop at a yummy Mexican restaurant for dinner! There just is no comparison to good New Mexico-style Mexican food!

They arrived in Roswell too late to do much but visit for a few minutes and then go to bed. The next morning, however, Papa Joe took everyone out to feed the cows on the ranch. He put Levi and Joanie to work! :)

Levi had to check with Joanie to make sure he was doing it right!

Then they all went for a ride around the ranch.

 "Mommy, those big puppies are mooing!" - direct quote from one cute little Olivia Jackson

Olivia and Grammy

Olivia and Aunt Joanie

In the evenings everyone relaxed outside. Olivia played in the kiddie pool because it was hot!

Finally, Olivia got to ride a horse for the first time! She was such a big girl...first she rode with Grammy...

And then she rode with Charity...

And then she rode all by herself!!

Such a big girl! She really didn't want to get off of the horse after that...

Monday, June 27, 2011

New Mexico 2011, Part 2: Silver City and Cliff

After visiting the Massey family in Animas, the Jacksons headed to the Silver City/Cliff area to visit Olivia's great-grandparents.

First up was Silver City, where Joe & Lorene Lickliter (Charity's paternal grandparents) live. They hadn't seen Olivia since she was about 3 months old, so she had changed a bit! It was a very good visit. Olivia enjoyed reading and playing!

After that, the Jacksons traveled to Cliff to visit Dorothy Jackson (Levi's paternal grandmother), also known as Grandma Dot. Luckily, other Jackson relatives were able to come over for lunch or dinner, so they were able to visit lots of people - George and Nancy Jackson, Stewart and Connie Rooks and their daughter Kelsey. Great fun!

Olivia was very convincing in talking people into reading to her!

Olivia much enjoyed covering people in stuffed animals!

Three generations of Jacksons...just missing Joe, Levi's dad to have a complete 4 generations. maybe next time!

While in Cliff, they also went to a playground...Olivia had some energy to burn!

They stayed in Cliff overnight before heading to Roswell to see the rest of the Jackson family...but that's the subject of Part 3. Coming soon!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Mexico 2011, Part 1: Animas

The Jackson Family had not been back to the southwest as a group since moving to Nashville in 2008 (Charity had been to AZ for a wedding and Levi to NM for a funeral, but separately). Thus, prior to the Big Move to Austin, they decided it would be good to use their vacation time this June to visit family in NM. Because there is so much family in the area, they split the trip into three sections: Visiting the Masseys in Animas, visiting great grandparents in Silver City/Cliff, and visiting the Jacksons in Roswell. These blog posts will be split up the same way.

The trip started, of course, with the flight. Olivia was very excited. She's been on planes before (twice, actually, and several times while in the womb!) but doesn't remember it. She did very well through security, though was very concered about the fact that Kitty had to go through the xray machine without her. She enjoyed the flights except for the descent, which hurt her ears. :(

After landing in El Paso, TX, the family rented a car and started the 3+ hour drive to Animas. They stopped along the way at a favorite Mexican food restaurant in Las Cruces, NM, where Levi and Charity went to college. This was a must-do stop, since there is NO good Mexican food to be found in TN, and this restaurant is just about as good as it gets. :)

Then they were finally in Animas (after Olivia asked about a thousand times "Why does Nana live so far from the airport??"), where they visited Nana (Di Massey), Papa Dennis (Dennis Massey), and uncles Garrett and Gage.

Clockwise from left: Levi, Gage, Garrett, Olivia

It was very smoky in Animas, due to the nearby fires in Arizona. So much so that you could look right at the blood red sun!

Olivia had lots of fun with Lizzie, the dog, who is so ugly she's kind of cute (sorry Garrett).

One of the days they were there lots of family came in to visit from Tucson. It was a housefull but good to see everyone. Olivia also had lots of fun with cousin Molly (Erin's daughter). They played and drove a tractor with Nana! It was much fun. :)

Another day they all went to the playground at the elementary school. Garrett and Gage had as much fun as Olivia, it seemed!

After that it was on to Silver City and Cliff to visit Great Grandparents...but that's the subject of the next post. :)
The Jacksons with one of the Massey's crop circles in the background.