Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

Levi and I can't believe our baby girl is now 4! She's getting to be such a big girl. We often joke that she's "four going on fourteen" because she can speak like quite the grown up young lady sometimes. :) I'm sure all parents think that their kids grow up too just doesn't seem possible that Olivia is already 4. Sometimes I catch a glance at her and just marvel at the budding young person she is - no longer a hint of baby anywhere. And while at times it makes me sad (well, nostalgic anyway), she's such a delight that it's hard to wish her to be any age other than she is at this moment...

Olivia is very loving. She is generous with her hugs and will often tell Levi and I "I love you" completely out of the blue. She picks flowers (weeds) out of the yard or the park to bring to me every time she's outside. She is happiest when both Levi and I are home. She loves to read books - either us reading the story to her or just sitting on the floor by herself and "reading" them, and we usually make weekly trips to the library to keep her supply fresh. She's one of the most athletic/energetic kids I've ever seen...I can't count how many people have commented on her ability to run far longer than most. She loves being outside. She loves to wear dresses and skirts with tights....and then play in the dirt. She is very excited about being a big sister, and often will hug my belly and tell me how much she's going to teach Caleb to do.

Olivia is a really good kid. I can't stress this enough. She listens, she's polite, she does what she's told 9 times out of 10. When she's having an off day, Levi and I almost don't know how to handle it because they're rare. :) time for pictures of her birthday party! We had it at a place called Inflatable Wonderland, which is basically a big room full of jumping castles. There were 9 kids from her class at school there, which was a perfect number of kids. She had lots of presents to open from both friends and family!

Her "theme" was Rapunzel. I'm not certain if that's her favorite princess, but I think it's safe to say she's ranked pretty high!

This cake was supposed to be chocolate with bavarian cream filling. It was white with raspberry filling...which we didn't discover until I started to cut it after she blew the candles out!  Luckily Olivia didn't notice, because she kept telling everyone it was chocolate. lol.

Doing the Hokey Pokey! It was the only dance she'd play along with.

Blowing out the candles after a nutritious meal of hot dogs, veggies, fruit, and Kool Aid. :)

Lots of kids having lots of fun. It was a great party!

Olivia, Daddy and Mommy love you very much, and thank God every day for giving you to us. :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pictures as art

I have been doing a lot of planning for the decorating of our new house lately. I've opened an account on Pinterest to keep track of good ideas or things we plan to buy:

I've collected lots and lots of pictures in a notebook. And I've done lots and lots of looking online at DIY projects.

One such project I came across appealed instantly because it combined two things I love: using pictures of my family as art, and using Adobe Photoshop to modify/change pictures.  I wanted to share them with you because I love them so much! :) The process makes regular pictures look old-fashioned. For instance, I took this picture of Olivia:

And made it look like this:

So pretty! I love, love, love the effect. Here are some other before/after pictures I've done:

I have a few more, but you get the idea!

Again. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way they turned out!Now I have to get them printed in a large size (Walgreens, here I come!) and buy frames. And figure out where to put them...I'm thinking either a hallway/entryway, our bedroom, or the staircase. We'll see! :)

In case you want to do this for yourself, here are some links to tutorials on how to do it. Also, you have to have some working knowledge of Adobe as well as the program itself.

Like the tutorial, I used this file for my layering. I don't know who made it but I'm thankful it was free!

If you decide to make some old-fashioned pictures of your own, please share them! I'd love ot see them.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Update

Hello Third Trimester! :)

We're now a little more than 28 weeks along...and things are going great! I went to the doctor this week, and because of my MS my obstetrician is carefully monitoring Caleb's growth with ultrasounds from now on. Of course, I don't mind at all, since that means I get to see him once a month! I've been lucky with ultrasounds for both of my pregnancies - with Olivia my OB was one of my instructors so we had frequent peeks of her just for fun!

The ultrasound this week showed that everything is going well! Caleb is about 2 pounds, 12 ounces now, and growing very well. We'll be seeing the doctor every 2 weeks now for the next 2 months, then every week until he's born! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by!

This is a proflie picture of our little can see the slope of his forehead, the peak of his nose, and his lips & chin. It looks like he's kissing his umbilical cord (the bubble-like objects just above him). :) In real-time on the ultrasound he was making sucking motions with his mouth. Practicing, I guess! He was also laying all curled up on his side with his arm under his head at one point...sleeping just like his big sister does!

We've also decided on a nursery theme, even though we won't truly be setting up his new room until we move into our new house. We're going with a jungle theme with brown, green, and blue. This is a picture of his bedding set:

Cute, huh? I set up a small registry at Target...mostly because the wonderful people at work are giving me a baby shower next month. :) Luckily many things we still have from when Olivia was a baby, but not boy-themed things. :) I don't think we want to put a boy in a purple butterfly themed room...

I also found this wall decoration idea that I think would be adorable in his room:

I'll probably paint the circles and just buy the animal decals. SO CUTE! :) I'm so excited to be able to actually use paint in our new house...

I guess that's it for updates. I don't have any new pictures of me, though I need to take one soon. My belly is getting so big!